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If you are looking for the most energy efficient generators in the industry, then Empire Tool Rental has a number of models available for daily or weekly rental. Find out more today by calling us at (718) 939-9300 .

Generators Available for Daily or Weekly Rental in the New York Tri-State Area and Long Island

Working on unfinished job sites often means working without the convenience of power. When most of your tools require electricity, a generator offers you the ability to get the job done. Empire Tool Rental offers an outstanding range of generators for rent, suited to any purpose. With affordable prices and attractive rental terms, enjoy easy, consistent power no matter where you are working.

Serving the Construction Industry for Over One Hundred Years

Having established ourselves as one of the longest serving tool rental companies in the industry, Empire Tool Rental has over one hundred years of experience in understanding the specific needs of our customers. Let us assist you in finding the perfect tools that will increase productivity and quality of work. In times of trouble, we offer 24 hour emergency tool repair so that you can always be confident in what you are working with, and never have to miss a second of work.

Experience the Convenience of Consistent Power

Without power, your work takes far longer than it should. The range of generators offered for rental by Empire Tool Rental allows you to carry on throughout the day no matter what. Choose from single or dual fuel models that boast energy efficient features, and with a range of added benefits such as portability, high power outputs and safety features, enjoy a safer, cleaner way to work.

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