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In today’s economic conditions, it often pays to repair tools. Empire Tool Rental has been repairing air tools since 1918. We may be able to help you get more productive life from your equipment. Choose Empire Tool Rental as your one-stop-shop for both repairs and service. Call us today for a free estimate on your tool repair service at (718) 939-9300 .

Full-Service Tool Rental And Tool Repair

Empire Tool Rental maintains a large inventory of stock parts that allow for rapid turn-around times on repairs. Add that to the best testing lab in New York City and you have a combination that can’t be beat. We have the best mechanics, machinists, and a full precision machine shop at our disposal that allow us to offer a wide range of tool repairs and services, including:

  • repair any kind of air tool
  • repair all makes & models subject only to parts availability
  • repair most makes & models of air compressors
  • rebuild, reface, regrind and rebrush tools
  • make custom prototypes
  • test and evaluate impact tools
  • guarantee our repairs
  • make free estimates
  • make custom parts
  • pick up and deliver larger tools at no charge

Quality industrial tools have a long duty cycle, but wear and tear, accidents on the job, and the breakdown of components within the tool are inevitable. At Empire Tool Rental, we offer a full-service tool repair shop to complete maintenance and repairs on pneumatic and non-pneumatic tools.

In many cases, opting for tool repair over buying new tools is a cost-effective choice. Repairs through Empire Tool Rental are completed to exacting quality standards, repairing your tools to OEM standards.

Our Full Range of Repair Services

Empire Tool Rental Sold & Repaired

Non-Pneumatic Tools Serviced

Non-Pneumatic Tools Serviced

Our Power Tool Repair Services

We work on all types of makes and models of pneumatic and non-pneumatic tools, air compressors, and other types of equipment. In most cases, the availability of parts is the only issue, which is more common in older equipment and tools that are no longer in production by the manufacturer.

Empire Tool Rental offers in-house custom prototyping and the manufacturing of custom parts as part of our tool repair service. Our services include the option to rebuild, rebrush, and reface tools to save the cost of a new tool purchase. We fully test and evaluate impact tools through our testing lab, allowing us to guarantee our repairs.

While we are known for our pneumatic tool repairs, we also provide small tool repairs. Also, we offer a wide selection of various accessories required for the operation of pneumatic and non-pneumatic tools.

As a top tool rental company, we provide our customers with tool rentals while repairs are completed. With free estimates and fast repairs, we offer everything you need in power tool repair services.

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