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The SMITH SPS8 is a compact, rugged scarifier for easy surface preparation on concrete or asphalt. This all-purpose scarifier is easy to own, operate, and maintain, with maintenance-free bearings, long-lasting cutter drums, and optional edger attachment.

Best for parking lot lines, leveling high spots, coatings, epoxy, sidewalk trip hazards, flaking paint, thermoplastic, and more. Used by concrete and asphalt contractors for mid-size removal jobs, especially indoors.

  • Variable depth adjustment
  • Engage cam lever
  • Vacuum port
  • Remote power shutoff
  • Ergonomic, vibration-dampening handlebar
  • Side-loading drums
  • Serviceable bearings
  • Edger – get as close as 1.27″ (3.23cm)
  • Water kit
  • Line pointer
  • Tach/hour meter
  • 5″ rear wheels


The Biggest Range of Scarifiers for Rent in the New York Tri-State Area Including Long Island

Concrete removal is one of the toughest jobs, but highly necessary for your project. Now, you can take your surface preparation work to a whole new level by browsing the extensive range of scarifiers for rent by Empire Tool Rental in the New York tri-state area and Long Island. Make an easy job of any floor to remove finishes in preparation for upgrade.







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Backed By a Century of Industry Knowledge

Empire Tool Rental has been providing those in the construction industry with the highest quality equipment for over a century. Backed by our strong commitment towards innovation, as well as our friendly and professional customer service, you can easily find everything you are looking for at terms that fit your budget. Never miss a moment of work again by selecting from our range of powerful scarifiers in order to maximize productivity, and enjoy daily or weekly rental terms that will help you hit your deadlines.

Scarifiers Available in a Range of Sizes and Designs

Whether you need to re-level a surface, remove a finish, prepare for tiling or more, the range of scarifiers offered for rent by Empire Tool Rental will enable you to find exactly what you are looking for. Our popular walk-behind models are able to cover surfaces of between 350 to 1,500 square feet per hour, and we also feature handheld models that assist with smaller areas without effort.

WE OPERATE IN New York Tri-State area including New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island.

At Empire Equipment Rental and Tool Repair Company, we are dedicated to your satisfaction, and we strive to build lasting relationships with our customers.  If you have any questions about the services we deliver at Empire Tool Rental, then we invite you to contact us. Use our web form or call us today at (718) 939-9300.


The Leaders in Equipment Rental & Tool Repair in the New York Tri-State Area

Welcome to Empire Equipment Rental and Tool Repair Company, your one-stop-shop for all your tool rental and repair needs. With a wide range of equipment and tools available for rent, we offer everything from power tools and hand tools to heavy machinery and equipment, all at competitive prices to fit your budget.

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