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When working in construction, it is important to establish a safe and suitable workplace for both yourself, your workers, and the general public. If your project has the potential to impact traffic, whether it be vehicles or pedestrians, Empire Tool Rental offers a vast selection of traffic control options available for rent. By utilizing these tools, you can ensure the safety of everyone around you while on the job site. Call us today to ask about our traffic control aids at (718) 939-9300 .

Traffic Control Options for Rent in the New York Tri-State and Long Island Areas

Working in construction often means creating a safe and conducive workplace for yourself, your workers and the public. If you are working on a project that has the potential to interfere with traffic, be it vehicular or pedestrian, then the huge range of traffic control options for rent at Empire Tool Rental will assist you in ensuring the safety of yourself and those around you. With attractive terms for daily and weekly rental, you can easily work within your budget and timeframe with our convenient rental service.

A Century of Technology and Innovation

Empire Tool Rental was founded on a strong commitment towards innovation. For over one hundred years, we have been assisting construction companies, contractors and everyday DIYers with their needs when it comes to the highest quality tools and equipment. We are passionate about our customer service, providing 24 hour emergency tool and equipment repair in order to ensure that your commitments are met and your schedules are kept.

A Huge Range of Traffic Control Products

The traffic control equipment provided by Empire Tool Rental provides the most reliable barrier to protect your site, equipment and the traffic and pedestrians that come into proximity. With water added to the barriers, you can enjoy a more durable level of protection. If you need to keep a safe space around your site, or are required by law to create a barrier around a heat source, then find exactly what you need in our range.

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