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If you need powerful climate control with spot coolers, then you have come to the right place. Empire Tool Rental is your primary choice when it comes to equipment rental in the New York Tri-state area and Long Island. Call today for your options at (718) 939-9300 .


​The industry standard in spot cooling and portable air conditioning for commercial and industrial applications.

Since 1982 – Durable, reliable, proven. The Classic Series is a great choice for spot cooling across a wide range of uses.

  • Units from 10,000 to 60,000 Btu/h — for efficient sizing to your application.
  • Flexible duct extends up to 80 ft. — versatile, targeted cooling in hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Rugged design and construction — for superior performance in harsh environments.
  • Digital temperature controls — for clear and simple operation.

Convenient Rental Options for Spot Coolers in the New York Tri-State Area and Long Island

Working long hours in construction means spending your time in new builds that do not have the luxury of air conditioning. In the heat of summer, this becomes unbearable and can have severe effects on your health and productivity, not to mention the integrity of your work. Empire Tool Rental specializes in offering attractive rental terms on climate control equipment. Select from our extensive range of spot coolers to ensure the most comfortable and conducive environment in which you can work.

Select From Our Extensive Range of Spot Cooler Rentals on Your Terms

With over one hundred years of experience in delivering quality when it comes to tools, the team at Empire Tool Rentals is committed to your success. Our range has been developed to offer the most useful and practical equipment that enhances productivity at an affordable price. Our emergency tool repair service is available 24 hours a day, so you are never left without the ability to work.

We Are Committed to Making Your Work a Success

Whether you require precise climate control for a day long job, or your worksite needs superior cooling for an extended period of time, Empire Tool Rental offers a range of convenient rental options for spot coolers that will have you working at maximum capacity. Not only will our equipment keep you cool, but it will allow for the integrity of your work to be maintained. Never wait for paint to dry or adhesives to cure again by selecting the unit that is right for the space you are working in.

Understanding How Spot Coolers Work

For many types of construction projects around the New York Tri-state area, staying cool in the summer is an essential part of the job. Cool, comfortable environments increase productivity, assist in quality control during the project, and help reduce injuries and sick days on the job.

In new construction and in renovation projects, air conditioning systems are often not in place or not working. Choosing a spot cooler or planning for portable air conditioner rental allows the contractors to meet the safety and working conditions required for the job.

At Empire Tool Rental, we offer spot cooler rental as well as sales of leading makes and models of commercial portable air conditioning units. We also provide residential portable air conditioning unit models that are ideal for smaller rooms found in homes, condos, and apartments.

How Spot Cooler Operate

Both our spot coolers for sale and our temporary air conditioning rental options are compact and easy to use. They are self-contained, with the evaporator and the condenser in the unit, requiring no external component to cool the air.

The air is pulled into the system from inside or outside of the room, depending on the need for spot cooling or full air conditioning. As the air is pulled into the system, it passes over the refrigerant coils and the evaporator, dropping the air temperature. This cool air is directed into the space using directed nozzles on the unit.

We offer sizes in spot coolers for sale or rent from 10,000 to 60,000 BTUs. To find out more, give us a call at 718-939-9300.

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