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Attractive Rental Options for Pressure Washers and Pumps in the New York Tri-State Area and Long Island. Call us today for a free estimate on pressure washer & pump rentals at (718) 939-9300 .

Product Specs

Scout Mat

Thickness:0.5 inches (12.7 mm)
Width:48 inches / 4 feet (121.92 cm / 1.219 m)
Length:96 inches / 8 feet (243.84 cm / 2.438 m)
Weight:88 lbs (39.91 k)
Maximum PSI:200
Load-bearing:up to 80 tons
Transportation:510 per truck
UV Protection:Yes
Static Dissipative:Yes
Connectors:2-way or 4-way
Warranty:1-year warranty

Temporary Ground Protection Equipment

Actual Size:7.5 ft L x 14 ft W x 4 in H
2.3 m L x 4.3 m W x 10 cm H
Weight:1,095 lbs (497 kg)
Weight Load:600 psi, depending on subsurface conditions
Shipping Info:U.S. standard truck: Up to 43 mats
40 ft ISO shipping container: 40 mats
20 ft ISO shipping container: 20 mats, 1 stack 20 mats high
U.K. lorry/EU trucks: Up to 50 mats


Ground Protection Equipment

Shipping Size:8’ x 14’ x 4.25”
Usable Size:7′ x 13′ x 4.25″ (after overlapping and interlocking)
Weight:1,050 lbs per mat
Transportation:45 per truck
Strength:Heavy Duty Class
Connectivity:Compatible with the most common mat in the industry
Customization:Options Available Upon Request
Tracking:GPS or RFID tracking options available
Warranty:1-Year Limited Warranty


Get Ground Protection with High-Quality Ground Mats

Whether you’re hosting an event on your property that will bring a lot of foot traffic or needs to create a work platform to transport heavy equipment for a construction project, ground protection mats are the ideal solution. At Empire Tool Rental, we provide lightweight and composite ground mats to provide the effective solutions you need to protect your sensitive landscaping. Our team can help you choose between lightweight ground mats that protect against foot traffic and other lighter traffic and composite mats designed to protect your property from heavy equipment.

Ground Protection Equipment is Ideal for Many Applications

Ground protection mats are ideal for many applications. Any time you need to protect your property from damage due to foot or vehicle traffic, these floor mats can give you the protection your property deserves. These mats are ideal for construction sites, work platforms, outdoor events, landscaping, hardscaping, festivals, beach access, stadium turf protection, and more. They work well for protecting natural sod, artificial turf, mud, sand, and more. If you’re not sure which option will work for you, our team is standing by to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

We Pride Ourselves on Excellent Customer Service

We understand no two customers have the same needs. With our high-quality service, you can rest assured that we’ll help you choose the right ground protection mats to suit your unique needs and install them promptly and efficiently, so your area is ready whenever your event or project begins. We’re dedicated to helping you get the ground protection you deserve with ease at the most reasonable price. Contact our team today to discuss your needs and find out which ground protection mats are ideal for your situation.

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