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For powerful heating solutions for construction sites, Empire Tool Rental offers the most outstanding range of diesel construction heaters in the New York Tri-state area and Long Island. Select your model online, or call us at (718) 939-9300 for more information.

Convenient Rental Terms for Diesel Construction Heaters in the New York Tri-State Area and Long Island

Heating is an important aspect of any construction site, be it a large, commercial scale operation or a simple DIY home remodel. When the ambient temperature is cold, it takes far longer for your materials to cure, pushing your deadlines and costing you money. Empire Tool Rental offers a range of options for the rental of diesel construction heaters on a daily or weekly basis. Maintain your highest quality workmanship at all times with our convenient rentals.

24 Hour Emergency Service Options for Equipment Repair

As the leading name in tool rentals in the New York Tri-state area and Long Island, Empire Tool Rentals is committed to the success of your project. With over a century in the industry, we know that you need consistency when it comes to your rentals. Our team provides 24 hour emergency service for all repairs, ensuring that you never miss a moment of work. When you choose Empire Tool Rentals, you are choosing quality.

Create a Comfortable Work Environment with Diesel Construction Heaters

While ensuring the integrity of your materials as you work is one of your highest priorities, providing a comfortable environment for yourself and your colleagues in which to work is essential in promoting productivity no matter the season. Our range of diesel construction heaters is designed to provide adequate warming for spaces large or small. Simply choose the model that suits your needs in order to gain the benefits.

Key features of the Tradesman® Portable Kerosene Heater

Available in models ranging from 45,000 to 650,000 Btu/h

  • Kerosene, #1 diesel or #1 fuel oil
  • Dependable dual-prong electronic ignition
  • Durable brass fuel fittings, not plastic
  • Fuel gauge indicates remaining run time
  • Comfort control thermostat (models K75 and up)
  • Wheels and handles make it easier to maneuver (models K125 and up)
  • Threaded drain plug
  • Direct-fired = 99.97% fuel efficiency
  • CSA US and Canada certified

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