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Why Do You Require Electric Heater on Rental in New York?

Are you on a job site where the cold can interfere?  Electric heater rental New York through Empire Tool can help.

Portable electric heaters are the safest solution for when you need a portable heat source.  They provide fast, dry, and odorless heat.  You can use them in enclosed spaces without worrying about dangerous fumes.

  • No need for a fuel source
  • Lightweight
  • Portable

You can get portable electric heaters in a range of sizes, including those designed to work on standard 120v outlets.

When Do People Need Electric Heaters?

You may need an electric heater for planned construction or projects when the weather is cold.  You can schedule a heater renter in advance for those events.  However, usually when people need electric heaters it is in an emergency scenario.  Scenarios that may require heater rentals include:

  • Broken heating systems
  • Frozen pipes
  • Special events
  • Heating for contractors

Patron Electric Heaters

At Empire Tool Rental, we offer the full line of Patron Electric Heaters.  Our smallest heater is a 120v model that is 5,100 BTU, but we go up to 480v heaters that can provide as many as 205,000 BTU and a 575v model with 136,500 BTU.

Electric Heater Rental

Empire Tool Rental services the tristate area, including New Jersey, Long Island, and Connecticut. We are located in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx.  We work primarily with contractors, event planners, and municipalities, but are happy to provide rental services to any customers

Electric Heater Parts

In addition to electric heater rental, we have a full range of parts for electric heaters:

  • Thermostats
  • Fan motors
  • Fan blades
  • Fan hubs
  • Plugs
  • Toggle switches
  • Contactor
  • Thermostat parts
  • Handles
  • Heating elements
  • Bottom plate
  • Front panel
  • Rear panel
  • Overheat limit switch
  • And more

If you need parts for a Patron electric heater in New York, we can help you.

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