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  • Comfortable, spacious cab with tilt steering and ergonomic controls, including an easy-to-use, multifunction joystick control for precise positioning
  • Full-time planetary four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer
  • Variable-speed hydrostatic drive
  • Manual Genie Quick-Attach™ system for a variety of attachments.

Cab Configuration

  • Closed cab: Heater, defrost, wipers, washer, split door
  • Closed cab: AC, heater, defrost, wipers, washer, split door
  • Front and top glass
  • Rear Proximity Alarm
  • Fire extinguisher

Chassis Options

  • Lift Connect Telematics
  • Lift Connect with Access Manager upgrade
  • Brick guard
  • Electric oil pan heater
  • Lojack stolen vehicle recovery system
  • Positive air shutdown system
  • Flashing Beacon
  • Work lights: High output LED cab, boom, rear
  • Road and work lights: High output LED front, cab, boom, rear
  • Air-filled non-marking tires
  • Air-filled rough terrain tires
  • Air-filled turf tires
  • Foam-filled rough terrain tires
  • Solid rough terrain tires

Boom Options

  • Genie hydraulic Quick-Attach™ system

Carriage/Attachment Options

  • Quick-Attach (QA) Carriage, 48in / 1.2m
  • QA Side shift carriage, 48in / 1.2m (4in/.1m R/L)
  • QA Side tilt (rotating) carriage, 48in / 1.2m
  • Universal skid steer adapter
  • QA Bucket, bolt-on cutting edge, 66in / 1.67m (.5/.65yd3)
  • QA Scrap grapple bucket, 78in / 1.9m (.68/.83yd3)
  • QA Truss boom, 6ft/1.83m, 2000lb/907kg
  • Pallet forks, 48in (1.75 × 4 × 48in)/(.04x.1 × 1.2m) – set of 2
  • Pallet forks, 60in (2 × 4 × 60in)/(.05x.1 × 1.5m) – set of 2
  • Cubing tines, 48in (2 × 2 × 48in)/(.05x.05 × 1.2m) – set of 4
Max Lift Capacity 5,500 lb | 2,495 kg
Max Lift Height 18 ft 10 in | 5.74 m
Max Forward Reach 11 ft 3 in | 3.43 m
Capacity at Max Height 4,400 lb | 1,996 kg
Capacity at Max Reach 1,900 lb | 862 kg

Telehandler – 5K

The Genie® GTH-5519 compact telehandler is the perfect choice for tasks both large and small. Easy to maneuver and transport, and convenient to service, it meets the needs of most construction, masonry, landscape and agricultural applications.







1 Day $375
1 Week $1400
4 Week $2995

Subject to availability. The displayed rates may vary by location and do not include the taxes or optional charges that may be selected later in the checkout process.

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