Hydraulic Jacks

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  • Tested to 150% of capacity
  • Electrically welded base and cylinders to assure strength and eliminate leaks
  • Common release valve assemblies and other interchangeable parts for quick repair are standard
  • All models work in upright, angle or horizontal position
  • Rigidly adheres to ANSI and JIS standards
Hydraulic Jacks Rental

Convenient 200° swivel socket assures ease of operation in any direction. Electrically welded base and cylinder assure strength and eliminate leaks. Built-in safety valve protects against overloads and a by-pass valve prevents over traveling of the ram. 3-piece pump handle included.

Rent Quality Hydraulic Jacks in New York

JET’s hydraulic toe jacks not affected by extremes in temperature and can be used in horizontal and angled positions.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jacks Rental

The ram is made of heat treated special steel to resist rust and assure maximum strength. Dual heavy-duty springs quickly return the ram to its lowered position.

Order# Rated Capacity Closed Height Max. Height
46553301 2 Ton 7-1/8″ 13-5/8″
46553303 3 Ton 7-1/2″ 14-3/8″
46553305 5 Ton 7-7/8″ 15-1/2″
46553308 8 Ton 7-7/8″ 15-1/2″
46553312 12-1/2 Ton 9-1/2″ 18-1/2″
46553313 12-1/2 Ton 6-3/4″ 13-3/8″
46553317 17-1/2 Ton 10-3/8″ 20″
46553318 17-1/2 Ton 6-3/4″ 13″
46553322 22-1/2 Ton 10-5/8″ 16-7/8″
46553323 22-1/2 Ton 7-1/8″ 12″
46553335 35 Ton 11″ 17-1/4″
46553360 60 Ton 12″ 18-5/8″
46553399 100 Ton 12″ 17-11/16″

Zinko Hydraulic Jack

Established in California, Zinko is the leading manufacturer/supplier for a broad range of hydraulic fluid power tools throughout the United States and Canada. A joint venture supported by manufactures in Japan and Taiwan, Zinko designs, manufactures, sells, and distributes a variety of standard and customized products to retail and industrial customers.

Manufactured according to ANSI & JIS standards, our hydraulic tools and components have successfully been distributed internationally for over 50 years. Zinko offers a complete line of top quality, easy-to-use, and safety minded hydraulic jacks and cylinders. While the company’s strength lies in hydraulic power, Zinko prides itself in developing and manufacturing new products for OEM’s market. Designed for optimal safety, durability, and longevity, Zinko is the professional’s choice for hydraulic tools and lifts.

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