Backfill Tampers Rental in New York

Models PTS 101, 102, 103, 104

Backfill Tampers

The CP 0003 is equipped to handle light to medium applications while the CP 0004RV is ideal for heavier jobs.

CP 0003 and CP 0004 Features

  • Maximum power – slow, powerful blows efficiently and quickly compact all types of backfill, including clay and soils containing high percentages of finely crushed or powered material
  • Heat-treated cylinder and chrome plated piston – significantly extend tool life
  • Adjustable packing-maintains a positive air seal
  • Butt held with clamp screw – for quick, easy replacement
  • Exhaust deflector – directs air, moisture and oil away from operator
  • Integral oiler – continuously lubricates tool during operation
  • Well balanced, smooth operation tool – easily guided by one person


Model CP 0003 CP 0004
Part Number T019307 T022292
Air Consumption at 90 psi 18 cfm 28 cfm
Valve Type Simplate Ring
Bore and Stroke (in) 1-7/16 x 6 2-1/4 x 6
Blows Per Minute 800 780
Net Weight (lb) 30 42
Overall Length (in) 52 50
Piston Rod – Body Dia (in) 7/8 1
Piston Rod – Butt Size (in) 5 6-1/4

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