Air Operated Pumps

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps For Rental in New York

Air Operated Double Diaphragm

Outperforms similar types by a wide margin, delivers much greater volume (up to 50% more); heads to 200 feet, with less air consumption (up to 40% less); handles an extremely high percentage of solids.

Are self-priming or fully submersible. Runs dry without damage. Volume is controlled through control of air supply. Operates quietly.

Feature Design Simplicity. Patented, exclusive air valve design ahs only one moving part (the one-piece piston, shown here) compared to many in other pumps.

Are quickly, easily disassembled. Numerous nuts and bolts are completely eliminated. There are only six “quick-off” bands to remove for service or maintenance.

Are virtually maintenance free. Rugged construction throughout. Large capacity oiler works on capillary principle and is the only maintenance normally required.

Operate in remote locations or in areas where gasoline engines or electric motors are undesirable.

Allow spark-free pumping for hazardous conditions, resist corrosion and substantially extend pump life because of special casting. (Optional at additional cost.)

Proven First Class Pumps for pumping most explosive or volatile chemicals and slurries

  • Gasoline, crude and refined oils
  • Cement, grout, plastics, tar, molasses
  • Iron ore, sand, sludge, mud
  • Machine tool sumps
  • Ship bilges •Sewers, manholes, general maintenance
  • Water for washing down and fire fighting


Model M-8 M-15
Height 26 1/4″ 33″
Length 15 3/4″ 19 1/2″
Width 12 1/8″ 16 1/2″
Weight 72 lb. 124 lb.
Air Inlet 1/2 ” N.P.T. 1/2″ N.P.T.
Inlet 2″ N.P.T. 3″ N.P.T.
Outlet 2″ N.P.T. 3″ N.P.T.
Avg Air Consumption 50 cfm 100 cfm

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