Needle & Chipper Scalers

Needle & Chipper Scalers For Rental in New York

Model PTS NS 19


The NS 19 is the perfect tool for cleaning weld seams, removing rust from steel or iron, roughing up surfaces for metalizing, cleaning castings and removing paint from brick work, stone, concrete or steel.


  • Useful in uneven surfaces due to needles conforming to the contour of the work, this makes the tool ideal for bolt heads, rivets, grooves or any uneven surface
  • Needle housing can be easily removed to convert tool to weld flux scaler
  • Standard needles are hardened steel


Throttle Lever Type
Needle Size 19 – 3 mm
Weight 6 lb
Bore 1″
Length 14 5/8″
Stroke 1 1/8″
Air Inlet N.P.T. 1/4″
Hose Size 1/4″ min
Standard Needles Hardened alloy steel, length 7″
Optional Length of needles available 5″ or 7″ Stainless steel or spark resistant needles available

Needle & Chipper Scaler with Kits Including

PTS NS 19K Scaler Kit Includes

  • Model NS 19 Scaler
  • Needle attachment
  • One set (19) extra needles
  • One angle chisel
  • One flat chisel
  • One carrying case


Model PTS N 19 Weld Flux Chipper / Scaler


 Removes weld flux and handles a variety of light chipping applications in fabrication shops, foundries, refineries and construction.


  • Designed for heavy duty use
  • Heat treated piston and cylinder
  • Smooth operation
  • Quick change retainer for rapid change of chisels


Weight 4 lb.
Length 9 1/4″
Air Inlet 1/4″ N.P.T.
Stroke 1 1/8″
Bore 1″

How To Use An Air Needle Scaler

Removing rust, debris, or even paint from metal surfaces is a challenge. This is particularly true if the metal surface is uneven or has multiple angles and edges. A simple but very effective method to remove rust, clean weld seams of flux or slag, or to remove surface coatings or paint from metal is to use an air needle scaler.

The needle scaler, sometimes also called an air chipper, is an air tool that is designed with an easy to hold cylindrical body with a flat lever to control the airflow. The end of the cylinder is a removable housing that holds a series of metal needles. These needles come in different sizes to accommodate different surfaces and areas that need to be scaled or cleaned.

There are also options to add a scaler kit. Different scaler kits include various components, with options of different chisels and needle attachments for various types of scaling requirements.

Basic Use

Clean the surface of any dirt, grease, and debris to provide visibility. Choose the appropriate needle or chisel option and insert and secure it into the air needle scaler.

Position the needle or chisel over the area and depress the lever to start the flow of air. This will create an up and down movement of the end of the air chipper. The speed of the movement is controlled by the amount of air.

Move the needle scaler over the surface to be scaled. Short, precise movements over the area two to three times removes the surface irregularities or prepares the area for welding.

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