Marking & Striping Systems

Heavy-duty Industrial Marking and Striping Systems that are environmentally formulated

Heavy-duty Industrial Marking and Striping Systems Rental in New York

Seymour Stripe products are formulated to address today’s environmental concerns while providing efficient and dependable performance in a wide range of marking applications. From utilities and construction to recreational and maintenance applications, Seymour offers a Stripe product suited to your needs.

Solvent Based Inverted Tip

A lead-free, 20-ounce inverted marker that provides quicker dry and earlier traffic resistance.

Golf Course Marker

 A 16 oz. water-base marker for use on golf courses and other porous applications. Formulated not to harm grass, this marker is not water soluble and will not wash away during rain or irrigation. This marker comes with the Seymour converta-cap.

Inverted Tip Temporary Marker

A lead-free, 20 oz. marker for application to almost any surface. It is ideal for temporary marking and comes with the Seymour converta-cap.

Temporary Event Marker

Excellent for short term markings. Suggested uses include: Parade Routes, Municipal Festivals, Races, Special Event parking. Packaged in 20 oz. cans.

Inverted Tip Marker

 A heavy-duty industrial marker available in water and solvent based formulations. The no-clog, fast drying formula is available in a full range of constructions and APWA colors. Available in 16 oz and 20 oz. sizes. Both come with the Seymour converta-cap, a specially designed protective cover that does not need to be removed before using. This provides the user with a convenient marking tool without the worry of accidentally spraying.

Now all Traffic Marker and Athletic Field Marker Inverted Tips have Seymour’s Universal Spray Tip.

Crisp lines up to 4″ wide and approximately 250 feet in length can be expected from each 20 oz. can.

Seymour’s Spray Tip allows product to be used with most types of marking equipment.

Traffic Marker Extra

Formulated for heavy-duty application in high traffic areas. This marker offers maximum adhesion and durability. Stripe Extra is easily applied and dries quickly to provide a durable coating. Non-bleed formulation is ideal for freshly paved parking lots.

Stripe Traffic Marker

A 20 oz. water-base paint formulated with high pigment solids ideally suited for a wide range of applications including concrete, blacktop, gravel or dirt. Not affected by water.

Athletic Field Marker

 A specially formulated 20 oz. water-base paint that will not harm grass and is not water soluble for maximum durability.

Latex Traffic Marker

A 20 oz. water-borne formulation for line striping. Engineered to be used in the Z-604 Traffic Machine for quick and easy application on concrete, blacktop and most other surfaces.

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