Tools Maintenance Accessories

ATS believes in keeping our tools in the best operating conditions, for this we recommend using the following products… 

PTS 645 Long Life Oil

Special Formulation

Recommended for:

Lubricating small air tools of all types (rotary, percussion and hammer type). For all types of breakers, drills, scalers, surfacers, grinders, sanders, tampers, chipping hammers and similar equipment.

Use regularly to prevent wear of pistons, cylinders and rotor blades. Provides maximum performance and extreme condition protection.

This oil is specially formulated to leave lubricating film on parts. Will not cause a gummy residue. Contains a rust preventative.


  • Use in air line lubricators and/or chambers of tools.
  • May be applied directly through air hose connection.

Best Operating Suggestions

1 Visually inspect all air tools daily. Grease daily and use proper lubricants for every 4 hours of work. Clean tools regularly after use, with an overhaul after 40 hours of use.
2 Always operate air tools at 90 psi. Keep steady pressure and avoid bouncing. Always use a sharp cutting edge.
3 Consider regular use of a PTS in-line oiler and possibly also a dirt filter.
4 When using any tool, safety goggles and shoes, and ear protection should always be worn.
5 Pneumatic paving breakers are designed to operate at between 90 and 100 psi and strike at a rate of about 1200 to 1500 blows per minute. Rock drills strike at about 1800 to 2500 blows per minute. Increasing air pressure above 100 psi will cause premature breakage to the air tool.
6 In extreme cold weather, tool steel should be warmed slightly before using. Hardened tool steel at 0° F loses 80% of its normal shock resistance. Tools, like the human body, get tired and snap if they have been pushed too hard.

Sizes Available

Size Quantity Order# *
1/2 pint 24 per case P75 645-P
1/2 gallon jug 8 per case PTS 645-H
1 gallon jug 270 per pallet/4 per case PTS 645-G

* Special PTS Formulation. These products are also available in 55 gallon non-returnable drums (part number PTS 645-0) at fluctuating oil market prices.

PTS 637 No-Frost Pneumatic Tool Anti-Freeze


  • Permanently absorbs moisture.
  • Used year-round as a corrosion inhibitor.
  • Eliminates the freezing of pneumatic equipment.
  • Prevents dieseling in rock drills and larger equipment.
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-flammable.
  • Does not require use of damaging additives like kerosene when icing conditions occur.
  • Provides the best possible lubrication of all working surfaces in a tool.
  • Works best by itself: not to be mixed with ordinary tool oils. It is not an additive.
  • Empty tool oil reservoir before adding PTS No-Frost to make use of de-icing strengths.
  • PTS No-Frost improves production and reduces your costs, no matter how cold it is.
  • Approved by major manufacturers of pneumatic equipment.


Specific Gravity @ 60° F 1.057
Density, in lbs./gallon 8.807
Viscosity, SUS @ 100° F 250
pH value (50% mix w/water) 7.2
Pour Point Limit (°F) -55
color (ASTM) 3-1/2-4-1/2
Falex Vaiue (Min. lbs. to failure) 3800
Cast Iron Chip Rust Test 0

Sizes Available

Size Quantity Order# *
1/2 pint P75 637-P
1/2 gallon jug 8 per case PTS 637-H
1 gallon jug 270 per pallet/4 per case PTS 637-G

* Special PTS Formulation. These products are also available in 55 gallon non-returnable drums (part number PTS 637-D) at fluctuating oil market prices.

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