Heavy Duty Scalers

Heavy Duty Scalers Rental

Model PTS 326 Triple Scaler & Model PTS 11 Single Scaler


Heavy duty scalers used for removing rust, scale, paint in shipyard, utility, construction and maintenance operations. Also used for concrete scarifying. The PTS 11 is ideal for scaling in tight corners or spaces.


  • Rapid, hard hitting vibrating action
  • Simple interchangeability of pistons
  • PTS 326 allows for dual positioning of scaler body
  • Forged scaler body reduces maintenance
  • Low air consumption


Model Weight Length Stroke Pistons
PTS 326 8 1/2 lb. 10 3/4″ 9/16″ 3
PTS 11 4 1/3 lb. 9″ 9/16″ 1


  • Pistons: Steel Safety
  • Snap Throttle

Optional at extra cost


  • Carbide (standard or extra length)
  • Stellite (standard or extra length)
  • Beryllium, spark resistant (standard or extra length)

Note: Stellite pistons may be returned to PTS plant for restelliting.

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