Concrete & Masonry

Concrete and Masonry

Superior Strength with Concrete and Masonry Rentals in the New York Tri-State Area Including Long Island

Sometimes your ordinary tools just do not cut it. When working with extra strength materials, such as concrete and stone, you need equipment that will allow you to work seamlessly. Empire Tool Rental is the leader in rental options of concrete and masonry tools and equipment in the New York Tri-state area. Enjoy convenient rental terms with affordable prices so that you can maintain your required work capacity.

Cutoff Saws

Experience the raw power of our range of cutoff saws, allowing you to make precision cuts in even the toughest materials. Concrete is no challenge for these models, and metal and tile are easily cut. With the added protection of a host of safety features, you can be confidence that you are protected while working.


No matter what you need to do during your working day, Empire Tool Rental offers the most extensive range of rocksaws to suit any application. Choose from portable or fixed models that cut through concrete and rock like a breeze. Enjoy superior cutting power at rental terms that will not hurt the budget.

When You Need the Toughest Tools, You Can Call Empire Tool Rentals

When you need to perform the toughest work, only the strongest tools will do. Empire Tool Rental offers exceptional rates on a daily or weekly basis for concrete and masonry tools in the New York Tri-state area as well as Long Island. Choose from our cutoff saws or rocksaws on our website, or call our team at (718) 939-9300 for more options.